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Product categories
1.    Custom all kinds of specifications, a variety of materials of special ball (ceramic balls, silver balls), etc
2.    Military, navigation instrument on the use of non-magnetic alloy steel balls, beryllium bronze ball
3.    A variety of valve ball (304 stainless steel ball, 316 stainless steel ball, 9Cr18 stainless steel ball, 1Cr18 stainless steel ball, standard 5.0 mm ~ 1 / 2 ") accuracy of G10 ~ G100
4.    All kinds of card board steel ball (GCr15 material, specification of 0.5 mm ~ 5.0 mm)
5.    Hydraulic components and 9Cr18 ball GCr15 materials, precision G10, G20, (size 3.0 mm ~ 10 mm)
6.    Satellite missile, the weapons used in military bearing supporting Group A bearing steel ball (size 0.5 mm ~ 4.763 mm) accuracy class G5, G10
7.    Computer bearings, computer hard drives used in 9Cr18Mo British steel ball (size 0.034 "~ 0.083") accuracy class G10, G20
8.    Quiet air conditioners used in the matching ball bearings, with GCr15 material (standard 3.175 mm ~ 3.969 mm) accuracy class G5, G10
9.    Motor bearings, electric tools supporting ball bearings, with GCr15 and 9Cr18 material (standard 0.5 mm ~ 7.938 mm) accuracy class G10, G20
10.    High-precision, low noise ball bearing supporting bearings, stainless steel ball (size 0.5 mm ~ 4.763 mm) accuracy class G5, G10
11.    Military use of high-temperature bearings supporting high-speed steel (W18Cr4V, W6Mo5Cr4V2) (Size 1.588 mm ~ 3.969 mm) accuracy class G10
12.    Precision polishing with steel balls, brass balls (size 0.5 mm ~ 2.0 mm)
13.    Precision screw ball (GCr15 material, specification 2.0 mm ~ 4.0 mm)
14.    A variety of precision measuring instruments, instrument ball (GCr15 material G10, standard 0.5 mm ~ 8.0 mm)
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